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Quality is a baseline, not a standard.

Words like “fresh” and “natural” have become buzzwords in the restaurant world. Unfortunately, there are times where these words are inaccurately used to describe products for marketing purposes. At Juice Palm, we seek to provide our guests with the highest quality product. We accomplish that by pressing our juices in house, using organic produce that we can trace, and putting processes in place that yield quality. Providing a quality product is not a standard we try to achieve; it is the baseline of our recipe for success.

Value extends beyond what's in the bottle.

The value we provide to our guests goes beyond the products that we provide to them. To some, we are experts that can provide insight on the benefits of juice and how it can help improve their life. To others, we are a part of their daily ritual. Juice Palm is just as much a service-based company as it is retail. It is important that we provide superior service and build relationships in the process.

Sound body, sound mind.

  There is an ancient proverb that goes,” when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need.” Juice is a great supplementation to a healthy diet. With the nutrients of pounds of produce all in a single bottle, there is no better fuel for the body. We want to provide our guests with options that are agreeable to their body, so their mind can function at full capacity. Additionally, we promote activity by hosting events like sunrise yoga, morning runs, and group bike rides for our guests and employees. They are great opportunities to burn some steam, get active, and enjoy an experience together.

Small footprint, big difference.

  Just because we are a small juice bar does not mean we shouldn’t take our carbon footprint into consideration. Through sustainable practices, Juice Palm can minimize our impact on the earth and reduce waste. From composting to using biodegradable products, we use every feasible solution possible to accomplish sustainability. Of course, there are some things that we cannot avoid to remain a profitable business, but for the things we can control there is opportunity to make a difference.

There is power in positivity and affirmation.

  Positivity breathes positivity. No one enjoys coming to work and hearing a coworker complain about everything. Likewise, guests don’t enjoy when an employee they interact with is clearly not happy. At Juice Palm we believe working in a positive environment breeds optimal productivity and overall happiness in the workplace. We look to bring each other up through affirmation and elevate spirits. Our mantra is that if you do not have a best friend or favorite regulars when you come to work, we are not doing our job of providing a great work environment.

Set goals and help others accomplish theirs.

  Life is so much more enjoyable when goals are set and achieved. Juice Palm is about Feeling Restored™ and being set up to be the best version of yourself. Whether they are personal, spiritual, physical, or career-oriented goals, everyone should have a couple goals that they are actively trying to accomplish. We encourage our employees and guests to write down and share their goals with others. This helps with accountability, encouragement, and the possibility of finding a friend to accomplish the milestone together.