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What is Cold-pressed juice?

  Cold-pressed refers to the process of how the juice is extracted from the produce. Unlike conventional juicers that use centrifugal force to extract the juice, cold-pressed utilizes a process that produces a higher yield of product and retains more nutritional value from the produce.

What does it mean to be "raw"?

  Raw juice is juice that's never been heated. Because conventional juicers extract juice through centrifugal force, a lot of the nutrients of the juice are lost due to heat caused by friction. By juicing through cold-pressed, our juices are able to maintain their vitamin richness and enzymes that make them such health powerhouses.

What are the benefits of cold-pressed juice?

  Cold-pressed juice is amazing because of its high nutrition density, raw plant-based ingredients, and is a great grab-and-go option. Guests can often get almost 100% of their recommended daily vitamins and nutrients from a single bottle of juice. The reason is because in each bottle are the nutrients of roughly 3lbs of produce! For individuals on the go, with certain dietary restrictions, or anyone just wanting to move to a healthier, balanced diet cold-pressed juice is the perfect fit.

What is USDA-Certified Organic?

  Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods. The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic. If a product or business does not have the USDA-Certified Organic symbol on their labels, there is no verification they are actually 100% organic-compliant.

Why is it a big deal to be USDA-Certified Organic?

  Although other businesses may boast that they use organic ingredients, not all of their ingredients or processes may actually be organic or organic-compliant. Everything from our produce down to our dish sanitizer meets the USDA standards for organic, and we are having our entire supply chain verified by a certified agent, which will make us the first USDA-Certified Organic restaurant in the state of Arkansas. Random audits throughout the year ensure the USDA-Organic standards are upheld within our facilities. It is a very rigorous process, but we are choosing to make the jump to demonstrate to our team and guests that we are committed to using the highest quality ingredients and processes. Actions speak louder than words, so rather than just saying we are 100% organic and you taking our word for it, we'd prefer to do the right thing and get certified to prove our commitment. 

What is a Juice Cleanse/Fast?

  From saturated fats to pesticides, modern practices have introduced a lot of harmful ingredients that our body gets tired of processing. A juice cleanse is a set period of time where one consumes fresh juice in order to reduce stress on their digestive system and rid their body of toxins. By providing the body with a dense amount of nutrients and removing toxins, the body is able to reset its metabolism and enjoy a break from all the processed foods. To give a perspective, during a three day cleanse you will consuming the amount of nutrients found in about 40lbs of produce. When going on a cleanse, it is important to only consume organic non-gmo ingredients--organic product is more dense with nutrients and does not contain the toxins we are trying to remove from our system like conventional ingredients may. This is another reason why it is important to only buy juices that have the USDA-Certified Organic symbol on their label.

Are juice cleanses healthy for you?

  Yes. Juices cleanses are very healthy for a variety of reasons. First is the nutritional value of the juice; throughout a cleanse your body will be hydrated and will be intaking the nutrients of pounds of produce. These are sadly two things that everyone knows is vital to a healthy diet, yet is not always prioritized in our lives. 

The second reason is what we are NOT putting in our body. When going on a cleanse, we are not consuming; wheat, dairy, artificial sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. This also gives you an opportunity to get to know your body. After a cleanse, many people will discover something new about their dietary needs and what may be causing them to feel groggy, bloated, etc. 

Hydration and dense nutrient intake combined with the omission of the the things we mentioned above is a great way to Feel Restored. Good decisions breed more good decisions; our hope is that a cleanse will inspire you to make healthier choices throughout your daily life and in between cleanses.

Can I eat anything else while I am on a cleanse?

  Remember, the goal of a cleanse is to eat raw, organic foods to remove toxins from your body. Although we highly recommend sticking to juice, consuming things like raw almonds, oregano oil, etc will not be counterproductive to the overall objective. As long as it is organic and has not been processed, we say go for it.