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Why Juice Palm

  It's that feeling you get when you're on the beach underneath the palm trees--that moment of tranquility and peace of mind. At Juice Palm, everything we do is revolved around the goal of giving ours guests the ability to Feel Restored™. We accomplish this by providing high quality foods, amazing service, and catalyzing decisions that make our guests better versions of themselves. From our USDA-Certified Organic juices and foods to our commitment to activeness and sustainability, we're here to build a healthy lifestyle.

What does your mantra "Feel Restored™" mean?

  Throughout our lives, it is easy to get caught up in work and neglect our mental and physical health. A big contributor to this is an unbalanced diet and failure to decompress from time-to-time. Our solution is simple: make it easier for our guests to eat clean, be a catalyst to make more healthy decisions, and leave our guests with a feeling of Restoration. There's an old proverb that goes like this:

When diet is wrong,

Medicine is of no use.

When diet is right,

Medicine is of no need.

  If you have been feeling fatigued, stressed, or imbalanced we encourage you to come by. The power of a balanced diet is incredible, and we're here to help you find that balance so you can Feel Restored™.

Who's behind Juice Palm?

  Juice Palm was founded locally by a 2015 Walton College of Business graduate, Omar Kasim. Upon graduation, Omar made a wild decision to forego law school and dive right into the restaurant world with the goal of igniting Fayetteville's culinary scene--with no experience whatsoever. Determined to succeed, Omar's first concept won numerous accolades in less than a year. 

  In addition to his own ventures, Omar has assisted in opening numerous restaurants around Northwest Arkansas and has used his story as a platform to motivate and empower students at various universities, high schools, and aspiring entrepreneurs across the State. In addition to  speaking events, Omar will be teaching an upper-level entrepreneurship class at the Walton College in the Fall of 2018. 

Why the concept?

  Like most busy people, Omar found it extremely difficult to maintain a balanced diet while opening his first business. After discovering cold-pressed in a bigger city, he knew that this was something that Northwest Arkansas needed to have. 

"Cold-pressed juice and raw foods are great for a range of demographics for many reasons. For me, they allow me to get my recommended intake of daily vitamins and is the perfect grab-and-go meal replacement. To others, they are great to overcome dietary restrictions and as a form of alternative medicine. No matter the reason, it all comes from a premise of bettering yourself. I get a great feeling out of serving our guests a product that is made from the highest quality ingredients and is going to have them Feeling Restored™."
- Omar Kasim, founder